Borderlands, BioShock, Mafia, Duke Nukem on Sale on Xbox Live Until January 14

Gamers can also get a wide array of downloadable content

Video game publisher 2K Games is putting its biggest franchises on sale via the Xbox Live until January 14, allowing those who play on the Microsoft home consoles to get access to some of the best titles of the last few years.

The 50 percent off deal applies to:

Borderlands and all its downloadable content

The Mechromancer pack for Borderlands 2

BioShock & BioShock 2

Mafia II and all its add-ons

The much criticized Duke Nukem Forever is also available with a price cut of 75%.

The first Borderlands video game, created by Gearbox under Randy Pitchford, is one of the best gaming experiences of 2009 and getting it via Xbox Live and playing it is a good way to understand the nature of the series before buying the 2012 sequel.

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