New Patch for Borderlands 2 for Xbox 360 Prevents Data Loss Due to Exploit

The exploit could delete progress or characters entirely

The folks over at Gearbox Software have finally a addressed a nasty issue that affected the Xbox 360 version of Borderlands 2.

The issue was reported more than a week ago and could result in wiping progress or characters entirely. The exploit was further explained by Gearbox Studios community manager Chris Faylor:

“Users have begun violating the Xbox Live Code of Conduct by using an external application to maliciously disrupt the experience and sabotage characters of legitimate Borderlands 2 players on Xbox 360.”

True to their promise, Gearbox delivered a small patch for the Xbox 360 version of Borderlands 2, which addresses this exploit. Check out the full changelog below:

“Added security to prevent data loss tied to malicious violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct through an unsupported third-party program.”

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