Borderlands 2 Will Make Changes to the Siren Class

The new role-playing shooter will be different than its predecessor

Borderlands 2 is getting ready for its 2012 release, so Gearbox Software has begun revealing a few more details about its first-person shooter with role-playing elements, this time saying that, while the Siren class will make its return from the first game, its characteristics and powers will be very different.

Borderlands impressed gamers with its sharp cel-shaded visual style, not to mention the tight shooter mechanics and the endless types of weapons that could be wielded by players.

Now, the team at Gearbox Software is preparing its sequel, Borderlands 2, which brings quite a lot of new things, including several fresh classes, such as the Gunserker, which got a few more details yesterday.

Now, according to the game’s lead writer, Anthony Burch, who talked with IGN, the Siren class will return from the original game, in the form of the character Maya, but it won’t base its skills around phasewalking, like Lilith from the first title, as the gameplay will be “very, very different and very, very new,” according to the developer.

No word yet on how much of a departure Borderlands 2’s Siren will be from the original version, but we can expect plenty of details to appear throughout 2012 before the game’s release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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