Borderlands 2 Weapons Bugs Will Be Fixed, Developer Says

Gearbox has talented people working on solving these issues

Borderlands 2 players have noticed that some bugs are currently affecting certain types of weapons in the game and the president of developer Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, has confirmed that they'll be fixed in the near future.

Borderlands 2 is a sprawling game with a huge open world and randomly generated loot that constantly makes players experiment about their different loadouts.

Sadly, some bugs are affecting certain weapon types and fans have begun complaining on the Gearbox forums.

The president of the studio, Randy Pitchford, has posted a statement saying that he's thankful for the criticism and that talented staff are hard at work fixing these issues.

"As we have already proven, we'll make adjustments when we're sure things are wrong. We are likely to make more adjustments. We have top men working on this stuff," he told fans.

Pitchford did note, however, that it was hard to tackle all the issues at once, so fans need to be patient about the updates for Borderlands 2.

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