Borderlands 2 Patch 1.2.2 Fixes Broken Challenges on PC

A major issue appeared after update 1.2.0 was released, apparently

Gearbox Software has released yet another patch for Borderlands 2 on the PC platform, as after the rather impressive update 1.2.0, at the beginning of the week and 1.2.1 that quickly followed, the studio has released patch 1.2.2 for the shooter.

Borderlands 2 delivered an impressive experience back in September and, since then, developer Gearbox has been busy trying to eliminate the various issues that were encountered by the game’s millions of players.

After releasing a pretty huge patch 1.2.0 on the PC platform at the beginning of the week, Gearbox quickly launched a smaller one, taking the game to version 1.2.1, and has now posted yet another incremental update, in the form of patch 1.2.2.

According to the update’s changelog, via Steam, it fixes a special issue that appeared after players installed patch 1.2.0, which resulted in some area-specific challenges being associated with other ones. As such, if players completed certain objectives, their progress was actually recorded in other challenges.

Thankfully, the new patch apparently solves this, so you might want to download it via Steam as soon as possible.

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