Borderlands 2 Gear Up Event Extended Until Tomorrow

Gamers need to defeat a monster to get a rare weapon

Video game developer Gearbox has extended the timeframe for the Gear Up event for Borderlands 2 until tomorrow, giving players more chances to battle the Vermivorous special boss.

The official Twitter account of the company states, “The Borderlands 2 Gear Up Event has been extended until the morning of Thursday, January 17!”

The reasons for the extension on Gear Up are the problems that some players had with the compatibility patch that was introduced to Borderlands 2 before the new downloadable content pack was launched.

All those who want to take part in Gear Up will have to finish Borderlands 2 so that they can access True Vault Hunter Mode.

From there, they need to battle Varkids until they turn into Vermivorous, which needs to then be defeated for a chance to get access to one of the most powerful and rare weapons in Borderlands 2.

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