Blood Bowl II Is Official, More Info Coming Soon

Over the top violent American football is returning to video games

Publisher Focus Home Interactive has announced that Blood Bowl II is in development and that fans of the virtual representation of the tabletop game will soon get more information, including the name of the team in charge of the game and details about gameplay.

The official Twitter account of Focus Home Interactive states, “There’s something big brewing… and it’s not Bugman’s Beer! Check out this #BloodBowl logo!”

The first title in the Blood Bowl series was launched during 2009 and was developed by Cyanide.

The company has created a number of expansions and has refined the core mechanics, while eliminating bugs and adding teams to cover the entire spectrum of the board game.

Presumably, all the feedback that the hardcore fan base has offered over the year will be taken into account when creating and launching Blood Bowl II.

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