Blizzcon Will Incorporate World Championship Finals in 2013

The competition includes World of Warcraft and Starcraft II

Mike Morhaime, the president and chief executive officer of Blizzard, wants to see more coordination between the Blizzard World Championship Finals and Blizzcon during 2013.

Gamespot reports that, during this year’s finals, the executive stated that, “There’s some challenges just with all of these tournaments going on, as a spectator, not knowing what to watch or what the significance is of winning this event or that event.”

“Having pro players put in a position where they have to choose between two important events – those are some of the things we’d really like to avoid in 2013. We’d like better coordination and cooperation between partners,” he added.

Blizzcon did not happen in 2012 because Blizzard was focused on launching Diablo 3 and Mists of Pandaria for World of Warcraft and on finishing the Heart of the Swarm expansion for Starcraft II.

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