Blizzard Wants Heroes of Warcraft URL, Fourth Game Rumored

The company is working to secure other IP websites

Video game developer Blizzard wants to gain control over the web domain HeroesofWarcraft and has filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum in order to get the current owners of the URl to give it up.

Blizzard has recently also registered and

This could just be a case of a company seeking to protect its intellectual property, which is very valuable, from any sort of infringement.

But fans are speculating that Blizzard is registering the websites because it will actually use them during the promotional period for an upcoming game.

The names suggest that a new full Warcraft game might be in development, but Blizzard might also be interested in using them to promote its All Stars multiplayer online battle arena game.

Strategy fans have been asking the company to create Warcraft 4 since the third game in the series was launched.

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