Blizzard Wants Diablo 3 Players to Create Valentine’s Day Cards

The best fan-made work will be featured on Facebook

The development team at Blizzard in charge of Diablo 3 urges the player community to create Valentine’s Day art and cards based on the experience that title offers and share them with the rest of the fans.

Developers say, “The battle between the forces of the Burning Hells and the heroes of Sanctuary rages on, but during this lovely season it's not unheard of for demons and Nephalem to exchange tokens of friendship.”

They also promise that the best art and cards will be collected and then shown to the rest of the world via the official Diablo 3 Facebook page.

Gamers can send them directly to the Blizzard team or Tweet them using the hastag #D3Valentine and all the images need to be original and smaller than 2 MB.

Blizzard has just launched the 1.0.7 patch for Diablo 3.

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