Blizzard Promotes Player Tips for Surviving Hardcore Diablo 3

Fans are invited to contribute to the growing knowledge base

The development team at Blizzard is promoting a forum thread created by fans of Diablo 3, which is designed to give all gamers a number of hints linked to how they can survive in the Hardcore mode of the action role-playing game.

The forum thread contains both very serious advice and more humorous ideas, and it’s worth a visit before new gamer jumps in the Hardcore mode, even if reading it all might take a lot of time.

Diablo 3 was launched in 2012 and, since then, Blizzard has used balance patches to make sure that all the difficulty levels are well balanced and approachable for any player, changing spell effects, damage numbers and game mechanics.

Blizzard has recently hinted that it is working on an expansion for Diablo 3, which might be launched in 2013.

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