Blizzard Plans to Reveal Different Game Experience at PAX East

The company is already working on a new MMO and a MOBA

Video game developer Blizzard says that it has plans to reveal a new and very different video game experience during the PAX East event, which is set to take place between March 22 and 25 in Boston.

GameFront has an official e-mail invitation from Blizzard that states that the company is working on “a little something, different from our other games” and will not show “a sequel, expansion, or that rumored next-gen MMO.”

Apparently, Blizzard is very excited about its new project and wants to make sure that the public knows about it as soon as possible.

Recently, the developer has announced that it plans to bring the Diablo III experience to the new PlayStation 4 home console.

At the same time, it is working on Blizzard All-Stars, but the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title has been rumored for some time and would not represent an entirely new experience.

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