Blizzard Plans Changes to Diablo 3’s Wizards, Arcane Orb Evaluated

Developers want to make secondary skills more useful

The development team at Blizzard continues to evaluate the performance of Wizards in Diablo 3 and has long-term plans to tweak the powers and abilities of the class to make it useful in battle and make sure that all their secondary skills are attractive.

Don Vu, an associate game designer, admits in a community question session that Arcane Orb and Archon Disintegrate are natural choices for players.

He adds, “We have plans to reevaluate the Arcane Orb skill as a whole and are working toward solutions to the innate problem of the Wizard’s channeled abilities: e.g. Wizards are vulnerable when they’re standing still to channel.”

The developers answer a number of other player questions, dealing with a some issues ranging from class balance to dueling and crafting.

Diablo 3 is set to get the 1.0.7 patch in the coming weeks.

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