Blizzard Now Offers Live Web Support for All Games

Gamers can also reach the company via phone or mail

Video game developer Blizzard announces that all those who have a problem with titles like Diablo III, World of Warcraft or Starcraft 2 are now able to use a live web chat feature in order to get support.

The official description states, “This exciting new option allows you to contact us, chat directly with a helpful representative, upload needed files, and resolve your issue quickly and efficiently -- all on!”

The blog post from Blizzard also reveals the steps that gamers will get through to get support and the situations when they are redirected to other means of contacting the development team.

The developer is not saying how many agents it has standing by ready to handle requests from players, but it’s clear that, at times, they might be overwhelmed and that web-based support will not necessarily mean faster response time.

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