Blizzard Issues Security Warning over Heartbleed SSL Issue service is not directly affected, but users should consider changing passwords

The development team at Blizzard says that all players who are using a password that they are also employing on a service that has been affected by the SSL vulnerability known as the Heartbleed bug should change it in order to make sure that they are protected.

The studio makes it clear in the official announcement that the encryption of itself was not directly affected in any way and that there is no cause to worry about the security of the game associated with it.

The team adds, "we recommend changing your password to a new, unique password. As always, we recommend that you maintain separate login credentials for each online service you use. Using the same email or password across multiple services greatly increases the potential impact of any compromise." is used to centralize all information linked to video games like Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, and Starcraft 2, and the company has made it more important during the last few years.

A number of game-related services, including Steam, were affected by the Heartbleed problem, but most of them have implemented measures to make sure that they eliminated their own security problems in the last few days.

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