Black Ops 2 Championship Takes Place in April, Has 1 Million Dollar (730,000 Euro) Prizes

Gamers will be able to qualify via the MLG, ESL and other competitions

The development team at Treyarch and publisher Activision announce that they will hold an official 1 million dollars (730,000 Euro) Championship for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 between the 5th and the 7th of April, in Hollywood, California.

The sponsors of the huge competition include the Xbox 360 division inside Microsoft, the Electronic Sports League and Major League Gaming.

The entirety of the event will be live streamed and matches will involve 32 of the best teams currently playing Black Ops 2.

Players who are interested can register on the official Activision website and League Play for Black Ops 2 on Xbox Live will be used for practice.

The MLG will also offer teams a chance to qualify for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Championship, as will the ESL competitions.

International teams from Asia, Australia and Brazil will also be included after local qualifying phases.

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