BioWare Preparing Heroes of Dragon Age Social or Mobile Game – Report

A brand new experience is coming from one of EA's smaller studios

BioWare and Electronic Arts are seemingly preparing to debut a special Heroes of Dragon Age social or mobile game, at least according to domain name registrations and a special forum set up by the team behind it, Klicknation.

BioWare's Dragon Age series saw the release of a couple of core games, Origins and Dragon Age 2, and the third installment, Dragon Age: Inquisition, is set to debut next year.

Now, it seems that EA and BioWare are preparing to unveil a new social experience called Heroes of Dragon Age.

The existence of the game is supported by a report from Superannuation, who uncovered a domain name registration made by EA, as well as by a forum that's been set up by the team at Klicknation, formerly known as Capital Games or BioWare Sacramento.

This wouldn't be the first social adaptation of Dragon Age, as a popular Facebook game appeared alongside Dragon Age 2 called Redemption.

As of yet, nothing official has been revealed about Heroes of Dragon Age.

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