BioWare Founder Matches Beer Styles with Video Game Genres

His advice is to never drink alcohol and virtually drive

Greg Zeschuk, co-founder of BioWare and former role-playing game supervisor at Electronic Arts, is ready to tell players which style of beer works best with a video game genre.

Talking to Joystiq, the Mass Effect and Dragon Age creator says, “I think that's probably an IPA. They've got some depth, and they've got some bite, and you want a slightly complex but very forward beer for an Action RPG.”

For adventure fans, Zeschuk recommends a barleywine, which lends itself well to sipping and has a high alcohol content.

Fighting games are best paired with an Imperial style IPA, which has a strong hop flavor and a lot of bitterness.

Shooter requires more coordination to stay competitive, which means players should try out playing while drinking a German type pilsner, with a lot of aroma but less alcohol.

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