BioWare Asks Fans What They Want in Mass Effect 4

The developer wants feedback from players before setting in stone the new game

After celebrating its Mass Effect franchise on November 7 (aka N7 Day), BioWare has now started working on the next installment of the series, in the form of Mass Effect 4, and wants to hear feedback from fans about their expectations of the new title.

Mass Effect 3 concluded the current trilogy of Mass Effect games back in March, and now BioWare is beginning to work on the previously-confirmed Mass Effect 4.

According to Executive Producer Casey Hudson, he and his team are currently in the early stages of designing the next game and asked fans, via Twitter, for their suggestions about the title and what they would like to see in it.

As you can imagine, Hudson was inundated with Tweets and while some were serious, others were less so, with fans demanding more “calibrations” for Garrus or an ending that’s better than the one of Mass Effect 3.

What do you want from Mass Effect 4? BioWare previously mentioned that the game wouldn’t feature the hero of the current trilogy, Commander Shepard.

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