BioShock Infinite's First DLC Is Columbia's Finest, Includes Pre-Order Bonuses

The add-on is already available for download on the PC and isn't included in Season Pass

The first add-on for BioShock Infinite has been released but, unfortunately for those awaiting story-based content, the DLC is called Columbia's Finest and includes all the pre-order bonuses offered for the game, like weapons, advantages, or gear items.

BioShock Infinite came out in March and delighted millions of fans from around the world with its great story.

Now, while developer Irrational is working on new content for the title, the first actual DLC has appeared, in the form of the Columbia's Finest add-on.

The DLC includes all the different pre-order bonuses that were offered for the game, including 500 Silver Eagles, 5 lock picks, and six unique gear items, not to mention two special weapon upgrades: China Broom Shotgun and the Eagle Eye Sniper Rifle.

The add-on costs $5 or €4.49, depending on your region, and can be downloaded for the PC via Steam right now. It isn't included in the Season Pass, which covers three story-based add-ons.

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