BioShock Infinite Has Clear Ending, No Story DLC

The team is making sure that all story elements are wrapped up

Ken Levine, the main game creator behind BioShock Infinite, says that he envisions the coming game as a fully developed experience that will have clear closure and will not support downloadable content after launch.

He tells AusGamers that, “there’s definitely a definitive end to the narrative in this game. Any of the content that I talked about, there’s nothing that we could pack together and ship. A, it’s cut for a reason: we didn’t think it fit, and B, it’s left in a state that is completely… there’s a term that we have called 'rot,' in the games industry.”

The Irrational Games boss believes that all game components need to evolve at the same time or the team risks to have a disjoined experience that will leave gamers dissatisfied.

BioShock Infinite will be launched in late March 2013.

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