BioShock Infinite Season Pass Confirmed, Includes 3 DLCs

Three add-ons will appear for the game and Season Pass holders will get them for free

Irrational Games and 2K have just confirmed that BioShock Infinite will receive a very special Season Pass DLC bundle, which gives owners free access to three upcoming add-ons for the new title that include new "stories, characters, abilities, and weapons."

BioShock Infinite is going to appear at the end of March and should deliver an impressive single-player-only experience.

In order to make the game more appealing, developer Irrational has just revealed that a Season Pass will be made available alongside the game.

The bundle will give players access to free DLC packs for the game that should provide hours of additional gameplay as well as new characters, abilities or weapons.

Those who get the Season Pass will also receive a special Early Bird Special Pack, which includes damage upgrades for the machine gun and pistol, a gold skin for the two weapons, and five Infusion bottles that allow players to increase their various attributes.

The BioShock Infinite Season Pass will be available on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 and is going to cost $19.99/€19.99/1600 MS Points.

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