BioShock Infinite Score Includes Experimental Percussion and String Ensembles

The music of the game is designed to reflect mature themes

The team working on BioShock Infinite says that the score for the upcoming video game is designed to reflect the themes of the experience and the feelings of the two main characters.

The soundtrack was created by Garry Schyman and involves the use of experimental percussion, solo string instruments and string ensembles.

Garry Schyman states, “It provided a vast canvas filled with extraordinary and completely unique characters and situations that permitted me to be creative in ways that we composers usually only dream of.”

The composer is best known for working on the original game in the BioShock franchise and he also did work for television and film.

Developer Irrational Games aims to make Infinite a true successor to the themes and ideas of the first title, although the core gameplay mechanics have changed.

The new BioShock launches in late March.

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