BioShock Infinite Lamb of Columbia Video Gets Teaser Trailer

Check out a sneak peek at some new locations from the upcoming game

BioShock Infinite has just received a small teaser trailer for the upcoming Lamb of Columbia full-fledged video, showing some new locations from the floating city.

BioShock Infinite is set to deliver a novel experience that not only takes into account previous mechanics from BioShock 1 and 2, but also introduces a variety of all-new gameplay systems, chief among which being the AI-controlled companion named Elizabeth, who can use all sorts of unique powers.

Now, after teasing the so-called Lamb of Columbia with a special documentary video last week, developer Irrational Games has just released a teaser trailer for a full-fledged video that's called Lamb of Columbia.

In the sneak peek above, you can admire new locations from the city of Columbia, as well as signs that warn people not to approach something called the Specimen.

Expect to see the full trailer later today, February 19.

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