BioShock Infinite Has No Political Views, Aims for Balance

the game has been criticized by both the left and right

Because BioShock Infinite tackles subjects like racism, politics and religion a number of groups have already expressed outrage over the coming video game even though it is not even launched.

Ken Levine tells PC Gamer that, “When I started working on this game, relatives of mine were very offended, because they thought it was an attack on the Tea Party.”

He adds, “when we sort of exposed the Vox Populi people, I saw a lot more left-leaning websites being like, “This is trying to tear down the labor movement!”

The developer also says that some white supremacists on their own website characterized the game as a white person killing sim.

Levine wants BioShock Infinite to act as a sort of test for all players, who can use the ideas in the game to test their own views on a variety of subjects.

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