BioShock Infinite Gets Short Teaser Gameplay Trailer

A full-length video will be released this week during the VGAs

BioShock Infinite is set to receive an impressive gameplay video later this week at the 2012 Video Game Awards and now a short teaser trailer has appeared, showing off a few seconds of the great footage that will be revealed on December 7.

BioShock Infinite has been a long time coming and, while the game was set to appear this fall, developer Irrational Games delayed it in order to continue polishing the game and deliver a great experience.

We saw quite a few videos with BioShock Infinite and now it seems that special gameplay trailer will make its debut on December 7 at the 2012 Video Game Awards.

Until then, however, a short but sweet teaser trailer has appeared on the web and shows off a few seconds of footage from the full gameplay video.

In it, you can see an imposing enemy from the game destroy one of the blimps that are used to get around the floating city of Columbia.

Expect even more impressive footage once the actual gameplay video appears.

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