BioShock Infinite Gets Second Documentary-like Video

Take a closer look at the imposing Songbird enemy from the upcoming game

BioShock Infinite has just received a brand new video in its ongoing documentary-like series "Truth from Legend" this time taking a more specific look at the imposing Songbird enemy.

Irrational Games is preparing a brand new installment in its BioShock series and, as we saw from recent videos, screenshots, and details, BioShock Infinite is looking very interesting.

The studio has now released the second chapter in its "Truth from Legend" faux documentary series, this time taking a look at the floating city of Columbia and its mysterious Songbird enemy.

While very imposing, Songbird was thought to be a protector of Columbia, it actually seems that it was designed to keep the so-called "Lamb of Columbia" inside the city.

While the documentary shows the lamb to be an actual human baby, it's pretty obvious that the baby will grow up to be Elizabeth, one of the main characters from BioShock Infinite.

Check out the brand new video above and look forward to the game's release in March for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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