BioShock Infinite Gets New Screenshots

Check out some fresh images from Irrational's next big game

Irrational Games has just posted a batch of new screenshots from the upcoming BioShock Infinite game, this time showing off the protagonist, Booker DeWitt, in action, as well as some of the environments from the city of Columbia and, of course, Elizabeth.

Even if there's still quite some time before BioShock Infinite is launched at the end of March, developer Irrational Games is continuing to release new things about the upcoming game and has now posted a batch of fresh screenshots from the title.

Two images show the protagonist, Booker DeWitt, in action, as he can not only shoot enemies but also pounce them by jumping from the Skyhook system.

You can also admire an intriguing new area from the floating city of Columbia as well as Elizabeth, the AI-controlled companion of Booker.

BioShock Infinite is out on March 26 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Until then, you can admire the new screenshots in the gallery below, via the official website.


BioShock Infinite Screenshots (4 Images)

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