BioShock Infinite Gets Impressive Lamb of Columbia Gameplay Video

Learn more about Booker's past and Elizabeth's power in this new trailer

After teasing it earlier today, Irrational Games has released the full-fledged Lamb of Columbia video, showcasing a lot of gameplay and quite a few cut scenes from BioShock Infinite, the upcoming first-person shooter.

BioShock Infinite is out in March and millions of people are already looking forward to the new title from Irrational Games, especially since the studio was also responsible for the cult classic BioShock 1.

After releasing several videos and details, Irrational has posted yet another impressive trailer for the game, this time in the form of Lamb of Columbia.

The footage focuses squarely on the two main characters, in the form of protagonist Booker DeWitt, and Elizabeth, a mysterious girl with phenomenal powers.

While we didn't know that much until now about the two of them, the video shows off a few interesting things about Booker's past and Elizabeth's power.

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