BioShock Infinite Gets Impressive City in the Sky Trailer

Check out lots of key gameplay sequences from the new game

After releasing the out-of-the-ordinary documentary-like trailer for BioShock Infinite earlier this week, developer Irrational Games has now launched a more traditional video that's quite explosive and reveals the basic plot of the game.

BioShock Infinite is one of the most anticipated games of the year as plenty of fans are looking forward to try out the spiritual successor to the stunning BioShock 1.

We have already seen plenty of videos and heard lots of details about the game, but now another very impressive trailer has appeared on the web, called City in the Sky.

In the footage above, you can admire lots of gameplay sequences and get up to speed with the basic plot, which sees protagonist Booker DeWitt infiltrate the floating city of Columbia in order to rescue Elizabeth.

As you can imagine, that won't be so easy and Booker will have to fight all sorts of unique enemies along the way.

BioShock Infinite is out in March but, until then, you can admire the new video above.

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