BioShock Infinite Gets Documentary-Style Video About Columbia

Learn much more about the floating city and its origins

Irrational Games has begun a new type of promotional effort for its upcoming BioShock Infinite game, this time with a special fake documentary series called Truth From Legend, in which the narrator – Alistar Bloom – investigates the floating city of Columbia, where the game takes place.

BioShock Infinite is one of the most interesting titles to appear this year and developer Irrational has posted all sorts of interesting materials with it, ranging from videos, to screenshots and a highly controversial cover.

Now, the studio has kicked off the first chapter in a special Truth From Legend retro documentary in which narrator Alistar Bloom explores the history of Columbia and tries to find out where it went away after its secession from the United States of America.

The video documentary is quite impressive and should offer lots of extra information for those who want to explore the history of the game's universe.

Check out the footage above and look forward to hearing more about BioShock Infinite as we get closer to its release in March.

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