BioShock Infinite Focuses on Strategic, Planned Battles

Gamers will be able to decide the terms of the engagement

BioShock Infinite might offer players many opportunities to avoid fights by being clever and by moving around stealthily but the development team also wants to make sure that players have plenty of occasions to fight their way out of trouble.

Ken Levine, the leader of the Irrational Games team, says, “More important than stealth to me is that the player can get a sense of the battlefield before he’s in a fight and have an opportunity to plan a strategy. Sometimes its also fun to be ambushed, but we worked hard to make sure there was a good mix.”

During a Reddit-hosted Ask Me Anything session, the developer praised BioShock 2 for the way it improved the shooter mechanics of the series and revealed that he wants to take Infinite in a different direction.

The new BioShock title will have a more social element and will focus on character interactions.

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