BioShock Infinite Belongs to the Fans, Says Ken Levine

Players are free to express their own views on the story and setting

Ken Levine, the leading developer working on BioShock Infinite, says that people tend to read more into his games that he originally intends and always give him credit for much more than he intended.

But the game maker accepts that once a game is out the entire experience is out of his own hands and belongs to the fans and they are free to speculate and explore it however they see fit.

He tells VG247, “It’s all about the experience that the gamer has that’s important. If someone gets some added-value element that I didn’t have to do any work for, that’s great, right? The experience is the experience that you have. That’s all that matters; my intention is irrelevant.”

The Irrational Games team was more careful in crafting BioShock Infinite and there are no loose ends but Levine believes a lot of player interpretations will surprise him.

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