Big Pokemon Black & White 2 Coming on January 8

Fans might get an expansion or a new type of spin-off

A new television advertisement running in Japan suggests that The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are preparing to make a big announcement linked to Pokemon Black & White 2 on January 8.

The translation from Gematsu says that “the latest information” linked to the very successful franchise will be offered next week.

Previously other announcements turned out to be more concerned with spin-offs and tie-ins rather than the core game, but the TV ad suggests that Nintendo has something big planned.

Pokemon Black & White 2 was launched last year and quickly became one of the best performing video games in the franchise.

It’s unlikely that Nintendo and the development team will announce an entirely new game this early in 2013, but fans might find out about a new area that will be delivered as downloadable content or about new game modes.

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