Beyond: Two Souls Has 23,000 Animations, 300 Characters

All of them were created using real human actors and motion capture

The development team at Quantic Dream working on Beyond: Two Souls says that the game includes no less than 23,000 animations for a cast of about 300 characters, with two leads played by Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

David Cage, the leading designer at the studio, tells Eurogamer that, “It was a crazy amount of work. I was looking for a creative collaboration with talent.”

He adds, “We don’t only have their look, we have their movements and their expressions. Their entire performance is recreated.”

A unique animation is used for almost all the actions that characters can perform in Beyond: Two Souls.

The team has already promised that the game will offer a unique experience for each player, tailored to his choices.

Launch date is set for late 2013 on the PlayStation 3.

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