Beyond: Two Souls Gets Emotional and Cinematic Official Cover Art

The game will be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival

Developer Quantic Dream and publisher Sony are releasing the official cover art image for the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls, which will be launched exclusively on the PlayStation 3 home console during the fall.

The image was selected because it mixes the best qualities of the game and suggests the emotional journey that the game will offer.

Derek Osgood, an associate product marketing manager at Sony, says that the team struggled to select a single image that could encapsulate the whole game experience.

He states, "What age do we want Jodie to be in the image? Do we include co-star Willem Dafoe? Do you show Jodie doing something dynamic or do we show her more at peace?"

The selected cover art is mature, sophisticated and unique to the concept behind Beyond: Two Souls.

Sony also announces that the entire game will be screened on April 27 at the Tribeca Film Festival, followed by a panel with Ellen Page and Director David Cage.

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