Bayonetta Launches on PSN on January 29 and 30

The game focuses on stylish and exciting combat sequences

Video game publisher SEGA says that Bayonetta will be launched on the PlayStation Network service from Sony on January 29 in the United States and one day later on the European market.

The price for gamers in North America is set at 19.99 dollars while those in Europe will have to pay 14.99 Euro.

Bayonetta is a new intellectual property from developer Platinum Games and was first out on the Japanese market in late 2009.

The game allows players to engage in fast paced and captivating fights using a deep combat system, with a number of unique special powers for the main character and over-the-top boss battles.

The game was directed by Hideki Kamiya and at the moment, a sequel is in development, exclusive for the Wii U from Nintendo.

The game is already available via the Xbox Live Arcade service from Microsoft.

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