Battlefield 4 Gets Leaked Cover, First Video Coming Soon

A portion of the box art has appeared and new rumors have intensified

Battlefield 4 is going to be revealed later this month, according to recent rumors, but now a report has surfaced on the web, showcasing a portion of the shooter's cover and hinting that the first video will be released soon, even today, March 15.

Battlefield 3 has just received its final expansion, End Game, and already fans are looking forward to the official reveal of Battlefield 4, the next installment in the popular first-person shooter series.

We already heard a few details about the new title but now a portion of the game's cover has appeared on the web.

As you can see in the image above which is watermarked with the name of a Battlefield Premium user, 32bita, the general tone is similar to the one seen in Battlefield 3.

What's more, fan website Battlefieldo has spotted a change in the Battlefield Premium service, as the exclusive video that's going to appear in the month of March has been renamed from "Battlefield 3 March Premium Video" into "March Premium Video," hinting that a Battlefield 4 video is going to appear in the near future.

As of yet, neither DICE nor EA has commented on this report.

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