Battlefield 4 Alpha Trial Starts Today, June 17, Invites Already Sent

The alpha phase lasts two weeks and should be followed by the long-awaited beta

Invitations for a Battlefield 4 Alpha Test have already been sent to fans from around the world, as the stage begins later today, June 17, and will run for two weeks.

Battlefield 4 is eagerly anticipated by millions of franchise fans, many of whom glossed over the different videos and details about the game that appeared last week at E3 2013.

Now, according to an invitation email, via NeoGAF, sent by developer DICE to random Battlefield 4 fans from around the world, an alpha test stage is set to begin later today, June 17.

The trial will be of an extremely early version of the game that won't even have a full set of textures.

Even so, players are expected to share their feedback with DICE and not post anything from within the game online.

The Battlefield 4 alpha trial starts today and lasts two weeks. After that, fans should expect the beta to begin in the following months, ahead of the game's launch in October.

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