Battlefield 3 Premium Bundle Has Sold over 2.9 Million Units

EA has made over $108 million (€79.5 million) in profit

Electronic Arts has confirmed during a recent financial earnings call that its Battlefield 3 Premium bundle, which includes access to all of the shooter's expansions, has sold 2.9 million units, earning over $108 million (€79.5 million).

Battlefield 3 was one of EA's most popular games in recent years and the company, together with developer DICE, have kept on releasing new expansions for the shooter last year and will deploy the final one in March, in the form of End Game.

Besides selling the add-ons separately, the two companies also sold them as part of a special Battlefield 3 Premium bundle.

After confirming last year that it's sold over 2 million units, EA has now revealed, via CVG, that over 2.9 million copies of Battlefield 3 Premium have been sold worldwide across the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms.

These impressive numbers have resulted in a profit of $108 million (€79.5 million) for EA, which boosted its digital revenue for the last year.

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