Battlefield 3 Patch Causes Issues and Crashes on PlayStation 3

The newest update has spawned lots of new problems for PS3 owners

After Battlefield 3 was patched on the PlayStation 3 earlier this week, it seems that quite a few issues have popped up, as many users are now complaining of freeze or lag issues that even forced some of them to do a hard reset of their consoles.

DICE released a massive patch on both the PlayStation 3 and PC platforms earlier this week and, while response has been generally positive, it seems that some users have begun experiencing quite a lot of issues after applying the update.

According to UberGizmo, it seems that game crashes have become more frequent and, in some cases, PS3 owners were forced to do a hard reset of their console after Battlefield 3 became unresponsive and froze completely.

These crashes happen at random times, with some even claiming that the game stops responding when they quit online servers. Other users report spawning during matches without guns, which means they’re basically sitting ducks for their opponents.

As of yet, DICE has yet to comment on these issues, but you can expect to hear some kind of response in the near future.

In the meantime, feel free to share some of the problems you’ve encountered after applying the patch below.

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