Battlefield 3 Gets PC Server Update, New Gun Master Features

There are new weapon lists and a Quick Match feature

Video game developer DICE is introducing a new server update for the PC version of Battlefield 3, its first-person shooter, alongside a new client update.

Both the updates are designed to improve the multiplayer experience for the first-person shooter, with a new Quick Match feature introduced in order to create a simple way for players to jump into battles and a number of new weapon lists for the Gun Master mode.

The M-Com exploit, which the community has long complained about, has also been eliminated.

The team says: “We now limit the number of times you can get scores for arming and disarming M-COM stations to 6 times per 180 seconds. This is to prevent people from taking turns on arming/disarming the M-COM stations to artificially boost their stats.”

The full patch notes are available on the official Battlefield 3 blog.

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