Barry Sanders Chosen as Madden 25 Cover Athlete

The player has managed to get the most out of 40 million votes

Barry Sanders, a former running back for the Destroit Lions and an inductee into the Hall of Fame, is the cover athlete for the upcoming Madden 25 American football simulation.

ESPN reports that the player has received more votes from the fan community than Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, who is the current Most Valuable Player of the National Football League.

It seems that more than 40 million votes have been cast by fans of the Madden series and that Sanders has managed to get more than 58 percent of them in the final.

The athlete stated via Twitter that, “I am shocked, excited, humbled, elated. I am also proud to be the Madden 25 Cover athlete.”

The new title will be launched in late August and will introduce new options linked to realism and new mechanics for the Career mode.

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