Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Patch Eliminates Crashes, Fixes Dialogue

Gamers still report some problems with the game launcher

The development team at Overhaul Games is updating their recently launched Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition in order to fix a number of problems that the community has been reporting.

The highlights are fixes for the dialogue of characters like Neera, Rasaad and Dorn and improvements to the interface.

The full patch list is available on the official Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition forums.

Even after applying the new patch, some players still have trouble starting the game using the official launcher from Overhaul Games.

The developer will continue to offer support for the Enhanced Edition of the original Baldur’s Gate even as it is working on similarly updating the second game in the series, with a launch date set for summer 2013.

If the two releases are successful, then Overhaul will try to create a third game in the Baldur’s Gate franchise.

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