Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Lacks New Portraits, Some Characters on Tablets

The core gameplay of the title is intact in all versions

The much awaited remake of Baldur’s Gate is now out on the PC and will be soon also available on the iPad tablet. The developers working on the title at Overhaul Games have explained the differences between the two versions.

Those who pick up the mobile version will lack two new characters, Neera and Dorn Il-Khan, and the new portrait pack created by Jason Manley as part of the core release.

Those who want to use them will need to pay in order to access them, which is compensated by the fact that the iPad version of the game is cheaper than the one for the PC.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition does offer the same amount of core story content on both devices on which it is available, including the new Black Pits battle arena.

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