Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Gets Cutscene-Focused Trailer

Players can see how the game world has been developed

The developers at Overhaul Games are offering a new trailer for the upcoming Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, designed to allow players to see exactly how the re-imagined game integrates characters’ speech and how the cutscenes work.

One of the biggest promises of the development team was that the new game would add more content to the game world and would allow players to get immersed in the story better than the original.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition will be offered on the PC on November 28 and a version of the iPad will be delivered soon after.

In 2013, the same team plans to launch an Enhanced Edition for the second game in the series and Baldur’s Gate 3 will arrive one year after, as long as the re-imagined games are successful.

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