Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Content Matches Original Quality

There are three new characters and the Black Pits mode

Trent Oster, the leader of the Overhaul Games team working on Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, says the new content that has been added to the classic role-playing game is on par from a quality view point with the classic experience.

The developer tells PCGamesN that, “We've added three new quests to the game, one for each new character we've added, and we built the 15 challenge arena that is The Black Pits. The additions are pretty epic in scope and the execution is great. The voice acting, the writing, the scripting, it all is very high quality and it really adds to the game.”

Apparently, the team had even more ideas for extra content, but it lacked the time and the resources required to implement all of them.

The game will be out on the PC tomorrow and it will also get tablet versions before the end of the year.

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