BALLISTIC Is Mass Effect 3 Weekend Operation

Players get to obtain a gold medal for any weapon in the game

The development team at BioWare announces that gamers interested in the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3 will be able to take part in Operation: BALLISTIC from January 25 to January 27.

The individual goal for each player is to get a gold weapon medal for any gun in their arsenal.

The official description from BioWare says, “Recon has new estimates on the number of Reaper creatures, and the news is dire. Each of you must inflict as many casualties as possible, and we must destroy husk-creation mechanisms like Dragon’s Teeth. If we fail to accomplish this, we will be even more outnumbered in the coming days.”

The reward is a special Commendation Pack filled with a number of goodies.

BALLISTIC once again lacks any goal for the entire player community and it is unclear whether the team will add them back in the future.

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