Azurite Blue and Garnet Red PlayStation 3 Consoles Launch in Japan on February 28

It's unclear whether the consoles will be launched in the West

The Japanese division of Sony announces that it will launch two new versions of the PlayStation 3 on the home market, called Azurite Blue and Garnet Red on the last day of February.

The pair of new devices will be available in limited quantities, although the company has not explained exactly how many it plans to manufacture and whether it will continue offering the colors as long as there’s demand.

The Azurite Blue and Garnet Red PlayStation 3 home consoles will be sold with one Dual Shock controller with the same color and will sell for 24,980 Yen, which is the equivalent of about 300 dollars (225 Euro).

Sony has not said whether it has plans to also bring the two new colors to Western markets, but presumably, the initial success of the devices on the Japanese market will inform that decision.


New PlayStation 3 Color Versions (2 Images)

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