Azubu Frost Team Found Guilty of League of Legends Cheating

One team has been fined and three others chastised for their actions

The development team at Riot Games has revealed that it has ended its investigation into allegations of cheating during the League of Legends World Playoffs and that it has found just one team guilty of the charges.

Team Azubu Frost is said to have glanced at the main screen installed in the game area in order to check the mini-map of its opponent and then modified its strategy based on the new information.

Riot Games says that it has fined the team 20 percent of what it has won so far during the event, which is 30,000 dollars (15,554 Euro), and the money will be donated to a charity in South Korea.

The result of the match was not modified because Riot Games believes that it was not affected by the cheating incident.

The developer has also found three other gamers guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct but has not taken any action against them because they did not act on the information that they obtained.

A full report is offered on the official website of the game.

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